Sunday, July 13, 2014

Christians face up to your belief system

If you call yourself a Christian, here are some of the things you believe:

  1. Reject, even hate your family. You are a follower of Christ. Jesus exemplified this. Do so likewise.
    • Matthew 12 46-50
    • Luke 14:26
  2. If something doesn't bear fruit when you want it to, curse it and make it whither and die.
    • Meaning if someone doesn't worship the proper way, or turn others to the one true way, curse them so they don't even try anymore.
    • Matthew 21:19
  3. The Lord God Creator of the universe sent Moses into a nearby city ordering him to kill every living being, man, woman, child, except for the young virgin women, for whom the soldiers could keep for themselves.
    • Numbers 31:18
  4. God regretted creating mankind and so decided to kill every living thing and start over with one family and a boat load full of animals.
    • Genesis 6:7
  5. God the Father has predestined everyone who will be saved before the creation of the Earth.
    • Ephesians 1:5
  6. You can be excused from all wrongdoing merely by deciding to believe ancient scriptures or joining a cult. Adolph Hitler could be in heaven now if only he had called upon the name of the Lord right before he died; but Mahatma Ghandi is burning in eternal fire right now.
    • Romans 10:13
  7. To properly remember Jesus, you must eat his flesh and drink his blood; symbolically of course.
    • John 6:53-56
  8. To be a true follower of Christ, you must give all your possessions to the poor.
    • Matthew 19:21, Mark 10:21, Luke 12:33
  9. You believe that any day now, the currently living believers will all disappear at the same moment, leaving the rest  of us to deal with a thousand years of rule by Satan. What rubbish!
    • Matthew 24:40
I could go on and on and on. It's easy to cherry-pick Bible verses to argue any point. Christians do it continually (that's what they do in church).

For me, I want no part in any religion or supernatural belief system. I read science fiction, but I don't believe every story is physically possible. Time will tell, however.

When I die, do not place a cross over my grave. Do not supplicate the Lord God to accept my soul into His bosom. Do not say that I'm now in a better place. I'm just plain dead - I no longer exist. Period. I will only go on living in the memories of the handful of people that I interacted with on this earth. My music, art, photography, written words, the things I said and did - they may survive for awhile. But few people will ever enjoy them as much as I did while creating them.

Live your life NOW! Love your family and friends now while they are near to you. They won't always be and neither will you be around to do anything about it. 

"Do the things you want to if you can. Don't wait for circumstances to be just right. You'll find they never are." ~Rudyard Kipling