Monday, March 13, 2017

Who Will You Be In Heaven?

Who will you be in heaven? Will you be old? Will you be young? Will you have free will? Will you still be you, but without sin? If so, who will that be?

Will your appearance suddenly be beautiful and flawless to you and/or others? You are the product of your earthly body being raised in an environment with experiences and physical/emotional boundaries and conditions that helped make you what you are now. When those limitations are taken away, what will be left? If your body is immortal, will you feel pain? longing? Will your mind be changed into someone that never feels bad or concerned about the past or the future? Will you still feel eternal joy knowing that this god that gave unending life, may also have chosen unending death and pain to someone you love(d)? Will you still love God after that? Will you still enjoy eternal life knowing that others that you knew are now burning without the relief of being consumed, in terrible pain because they could not bring themselves to believe the one belief system that you so luckily ascribed to?

Will your dreams and aspirations be different knowing that you have eternity to fulfill them all? What happens after that? Will heaven be filled with challenges and trials and mystery and curiosity (some of the things that made you who you are)?

Will God always be there in person to help you along? Will your mind ever get tired and long for sleep? Will you ever find an unanswerable question? Will you ever feel powerless? Will you ever long for the power to change what heaven has become for you and your loved ones? Will your children ever grow up to be fully mature human beings, having experienced all that human life can offer?

Even if everything is magically taken care of and most of these questions are sufficiently answered, the question remains; will you still be recognizable as the person you are today? If not, do you really want that? Why aren't you that person now? Why hasn't God given us the ability to live as if we were in heaven?

Perhaps we are not meant for eternal life. Perhaps we are merely a spark of life that shines brightly for a short time, helping to light the way for those that come after. Perhaps because of this, we are truly our human selves and not what some supposedly omnipotent god would have us be.

So I ask you to think about this again. Who will you be in heaven? Who are you now?

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