Monday, April 30, 2012

Not Being Alive

Not being alive sucks! There's nothing to do; no body to do it with; no brain to think with; nothing. It's very quiet, I'm sure - no consciousness. I'm not really looking forward to being dead, but that outcome is inevitable within the next sixty years or so. Impermanence. Before I was born, I was nothing. For me, time and space didn't exist in a similar way that time itself (for our universe) didn't exist before the Big Bang.

The fact that I WAS born is amazing unto itself. Adding this beautiful planet and surrounding universe is incredible! And the best of all, our species now has the capability of measuring the scope and essence of it all - while still refining our knowledge. The more we learn about how it all works, the less we are inclined to ascribe supernatural explanations to stuff we don't understand yet.

I think I'll take good care of my body from now on, expand my knowledge, and love my family to the utmost. Life is too precious and wonderful to do otherwise.

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